Stay Tuned for the United States Patients’ Association

IFG Health has ceased operations. Thanks to all who support our efforts.

We remain committed to creating and providing healthcare information technology products that help patients manage their health and wellness activities.  These tools are necessary checks on institutional healthcare records.  They protect patients in ways electronic medical records never will.  The fact “the powers that be” did not see their value is an indicator of the lack of standing patients’ have in the United States healthcare debate.

In the United States, there is a patient-advocacy vacuum.  When the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act was formulated, the government, Big Insurance, Big Hospital, Big Doctor, and Big Pharma were all at the table.  There wasn’t any such thing as Big Patient, an entity whose charter it was to safeguard patient interests.

Personnel formerly dedicated to IFG Health intend to bend their energies toward establishing a Patients’ Association in the United States.  The US Patients’ Association will enable us to collectively communicate our healthcare requirements and preferences to those who control healthcare implementations. 

Only when the voices of patients, the customers of the healthcare systems, are heard and acted upon will market forces truly be in place in the healthcare sector.   Only then will a sensible healthcare system emerge.  Only then will the humane needs of patients and providers, their health and wellness needs, their life choices, and their pocketbooks, be honored and satisfied.

For the time being, we will use the IFG Health blog on this site and our Twitter stream to post our thoughts and notify interested individuals of related activities and progress.  We hope you’ll be part of the journey.